Branded items and swag

Branded items, or “swag” can be a great way to showcase the brand, drum up excitement around it and create an immersive brand experience. When creating these branded items, be sure to choose useful, high-quality products in order to leave a positive and lasting impression. When using the EO logo on branded signage and swag, ensure that all aspects of the logo usage guidelines are followed.

Merchandise and apparel guidelines

  1. Choose products that are high-quality and long-lasting, reflective of the way we would like to portray our organization and membership. When choosing products, consider the following:
    1. Lifespan of the product and its impact on the environment at end of life.
    2. Purpose of the product and how it will be displayed. Avoid doormats, rugs or anywhere else people walk to protect the logo from being stepped on.
    3. How the audience will interact with the item. As much as possible, avoid things like scratch-offs, dart boards, disposable or single-use items. Our logo should not be damaged or treated like trash.
  2. In order to maintain the EO brand standards when producing branded products, logos should be positioned on the product in a tasteful manner to ensure the integrity of the brand.
  3. Use official brand fonts only.
  4. Use official brand colours only.
  5. Do not reproduce the logo in any other colour outside of the versions provided.
  6. Don’t apply the logo to low contrast or similarly-coloured backgrounds.
  7. Consider the size and shape of the imprint area to determine which version is the best fit and use the correct logo for the space provided.
  8. Follow the minimum sizing guidelines for “other applications” such as specialty items and larger displays.
  9. Preference is that only the EO Primary Logo or an EO chapter logo is applied to promotional items. However, type treatments or titles of products, services and official EO groups (eg, regional councils, committees, MyEO groups) can be used in addition to the EO Primary Logo in accordance with the guidelines.

Some examples of branded items can be viewed below (for placement only).


For EO employees ordering promotional items, please submit a ticket for swag artwork development and/or review.

Chapter staff and members have the option to design and produce their own promotional items using the guidelines above. To coordinate the review and approval of design proposals, please contact the Creative Team.