Messaging framework

The messaging framework conveys key elements of our brand story. It can be used to communicate the essence of EO to both internal stakeholders and the greater public.

Our purpose, ambition and strategy detail why we exist, what we are trying to accomplish and how we intend to achieve our goals. They explain who we are to members, prospective members and the world at large. These are essential ingredients in all of our messaging.


To move the world forward by unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs


To enable transformational growth in the lives of our members


Where entrepreneurs grow through life-enhancing connections


Enable life-enhancing connections
Design shared experiences
Provide collaborative learning


We all need help to grow above our personal limits. EO helps its members accelerate their growth through life-enhancing connections that lead to infinite possibilities.


Real conversations

EO facilitates deep, honest and respectful conversations that lead to growth and breakthroughs.

Meaningful support

Entrepreneurs go further together. EO provides members a high-quality support network of fellow leaders.

Tangible growth

Our members are dedicated to helping each other succeed. Members report boosting their business growth by more than three times the average S&P 500 Index.

Life-changing education

EO creates transformational educational opportunities through peer-to-peer learning and access to experts.

Our values guide our activities, reflect who we are and help us build a better tomorrow, together. EO’s values make us who we are. Our values are:
Together we grow
Trust and respect
Thirst for learning
Think big, be bold


Using the framework

Whether we’re communicating internally or externally, we must follow the messaging framework in a ruthlessly consistent manner. It’s essential that our story is told in a disciplined, simple manner. Consistent, concentrated branding helps people understand who we are and what we stand for.

If everyone in our organization tells the same brand story in the same way using the same language, we’ll succeed in building a strong brand. Resist the urge to reinvent the wheel.

To enable transformational growth in the lives of our members

Our ambition directly relates to our goal of helping members realize their full potential. Naturally, members define and measure success in different ways. For some, growth means a quantifiable increase in business performance. For others, growth is a more abstract personal transformation. What’s key is that the impact is real and significant. 

Life-enhancing connections
Real conversations
Peer-to-peer learning experiences
Grow beyond your personal limits
Transformational growth
Accelerate your growth
Infinite possibilities
Unlock potential
Business and personal lives
Building a better tomorrow

Use these phrases throughout your EO communications. They essentially form our brand language.