Brand migration and implementation guidance


Now that we have launched our new brand and we’re excited about it, we’d like to press a button and have all the old EO branding replaced by the new. We’d love to host face-to-face events and celebrate our launch and the start of our transformation journey. In reality, we know that it will take a few months for us to fully migrate and implement the new brand identity.

The EO Communications department and the Global Communications Committee will work with regional councils and committees to implement the migration. All new content from 28 July 2020 will be produced in the new style and legacy content will be migrated in a phased approach. The Communications department will agree on a timetable for migrating legacy content with each content owner.

For chapters, we recommend you migrate to and implement the new EO brand identity within the next six months. However, chapters are free to implement the migration at your own pace. We encourage you to phase in the new branding in line with your existing plans and priorities and avoiding additional cost where possible.

Each EO chapter will receive US$1,500 to support your rebranding efforts. Your regional chair is in charge of disbursing the funds. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact your regional staff director. This may be used on any activity related to the rebrand, including design work, swag or an event (see guidance below).

The EO communications team is here to provide support for the brand roll-out to all member leaders, staff and chapter staff who need it. Please be in touch if you have any questions or requests.

Logos and assets now available

User login/authentication required

Visit EO’s communications resources page to access our logo files, EO chapter logo files, as well as other print and digital templates. Get started on your local implementation of the new EO brand!

Don’t have an EO login? We can provide logos and appropriate assets to 3rd party vendors and event organizers on request. Please email us with your usage plan and requirements.

We have produced some assets that individuals can use:

  • EO logo package
  • Chapter logo packages
  • Powerpoint deck
  • Word document templates
  • Stationery (letterhead, notecard and envelopes)
  • Business card template
  • Branded pocket folder
  • Virtual background

Guidance for chapters

This checklist serves as a guide as you go through the implementation process over the next several months.

Social media

We recommend that you update social media accounts as a first step. Add new images and the new EO logo to your social media profiles.


If you visit the EO website, you will see it as been updated to reflect our new visual identity. If your chapter has a website, you can update it with reference to our digital style guide (coming soon). However, please note that as part of EO’s digital transformation project, templated chapter web sites fully integrated with EO’s member database will be available later this year. You may want to consider waiting until that new resource is ready before making changes. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to discuss your options.

Digital and printed marketing materials

We encourage you to use the new EO branding for all new digital assets you are producing. You can still use existing printed materials, but we encourage you to switch to the new style as soon as you can.

We’ve created assets, templates and samples to help you redesign marketing and communication material such as stationery, brochures, leaflets and signage.


We encourage you to include a segment on the EO 4.0 strategic plan and new brand in any appropriate virtual event that you may be planning. It would be good to highlight these changes for our members as our launch is good news, and a symbol of our confidence in our shared future. You can do the following:

In a world of social distancing, we are unlikely to be able to host a face-to-face event in the next few months. But we will reach the point when it will be safe to host in-person events again. If you should plan such an event in the future, we would like to encourage you to devote a little time in your programme to celebrate the brand and our new direction as an organization. Marking EO’s transformation and brand launch would be a good addition to the first in-person chapter event you host after social distancing restrictions have been lifted.


Branded items, or “swag” can be a great way to showcase the brand, drum up excitement around it and create an immersive brand experience. Chapter staff and members have the option to design and produce promotional items using our swag guidelines. To coordinate the review and approval of your design proposals, please contact the Creative Team.