Questions and answers

We have compiled this set of questions and answers about the EO 4.0 transformation and new brand as a guide. Please let us know if you have any questions that are not covered below.

  • Like many of our members, the organization has had to pivot very quickly to find more virtual ways of delivering value to our members.
  • We are rapidly transforming to deliver hybrid engagement opportunities that combine virtual and in-person experiences to help our members 10X their own transformation journeys.

EO 4.0 Transformation

What does the new logo represent?

There was an extensive creative process behind the choice of this logo. It changed and evolved over discussion and examination. Stakeholders looked at what EO means to members and came to see this mark’s ability to reflect the personal stories/journeys at the core of EO. The mark was chosen to show that we are all on our individual journeys, but it’s TOGETHER we grow and transform most. You can find more information on the origin of the logo on the LOGO page.

Why are we calling our new direction and strategic plan 4.0?

  • The plan responds to trends and our rapidly changing world – 4.0 references the fourth industrial revolution and the accompanying innovations and disruptions.
  • EO is in its fourth decade.
  • EO 4.0 is the fourth strategic plan for our organization.
  • Our plan consists of four strategic goals: 10X our member growth; 10X our member network; engage the ecosystem; and build a high performing organization.

Why do we need a new brand identity?

  • Since the current EO brand was first launched in 2005, the organization has evolved. Membership has more than doubled, we are present in over 20 more countries and our product and service portfolio has grown extensively.
  • The organization has outgrown the current brand, which positioned EO as a sleek and powerful vehicle with the horsepower to accelerate its members past the competition.
  • The key evolution in our approach is to put the entrepreneur at the heart of the organization – to focus on growing the member. Our vision was “to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs”. We have shifted from this to our purpose: “to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential”. By focusing on growing our members, we will deliver an effective value proposition that should also lead to growth of the membership.

When you developed the strategy, who did you consider to be EO’s competitors?

  • TiE Global
  • Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)
  • Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)
  • Vistage
  • Web Summit
  • Startup Grind
  • Global Entrepreneur Network
  • Master Networks

Where do sustainability and social impact (EO Impact) fit into the strategic plan?

  • Sustainability and social impact were two key societal trends identified in the strategic planning process.
  • EO is currently working with an external consultant to develop a sustainable development strategy for the organization that will be built into the 4.0 strategic plan.

Why, as an organization, are we so slow to execute new initiatives—new strategies, technology, budgets and marketing?

  • EO has over 1,500 member leaders who are supported by over 300 staff and chapter staff.
  • Decisions are made by consensus, which can take time.
  • Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we can make decision and implement them quickly and effectively.
  • However, we can always improve efficiency and effectiveness, which we are addressing in our fourth strategic goal: to build a high performing organization.

How will the strategy contribute to increased alignment between our membership population and the broader entrepreneur community?

EO is building an online community that will serve as a place for entrepreneurs under US$1 million to network and engage. This community will provide discussion boards, content, and small group connections. In the initial phases of development, the target audience will be entrepreneurs that have completed either our Accelerator or GSEA programmes. Participants in this community will not be considered EO members, but will be connected to the organization. The estimated launch will be in early 2021.

What is the global theme / BHAG for FY20/21?

  • We will no longer have an annual Chair’s theme for the organization.
  • Instead our organizational focus will be on the 4.0 strategic plan.
  • Our BHAG is that EO membership will have a 10X impact on members’ professional and personal lives.
  • Our job is to make sure each EO member experiences the value we offer, in terms of the connections to grow their business, skills to improve their business and tools and insights that will help them become better leaders and improve their health and well-being.
  • We encourage all our members to think about what 10X means to them and to set their goals.

Why are we changing our core values?

  • To transform successfully and achieve our goals, we need to revaluate and evolve our core values to ensure they align with and underpin the EO we are creating for the future.
  • Our values are an important component of our transformation journey and the changes we are implementing will be most impactful if all elements are delivered at the same time, in an integrated way.
  • The new set of values will be recognisable to EO members and build on the ideas and concepts in our current set of core values.

How do we work to ensure the updated values are consistent for both members and staff? Will you be seeking input from outside the board to get ideas?

  • Put simply, EO is its members, staff and chapter staff.  It is vital that we take their points of view into account.
  • We are implementing a consultation process across our organization to develop the revised set of values.

New EO brand launch and roll-out process

What is the origin of the new EO logo?

  • The new EO logo is dynamic and embodies “Together we grow”
  • EO’s logo is a symbol built upon our brand strategy – it symbolizes:
    • how we dial up our members’ transformation
    • how we enhance and expand their network and relationships, and
    • how we supercharge their businesses
  • The multiple lines within the logo speak to the nature of the relationships that form – the lines appear to be interacting and influencing one another, connecting together, springing out of one another and taking each other on a journey – revealing the core of human connection that lies at the heart of EO.

What level of EO stakeholder involvement went into creating and choosing the new EO brand? How have staff and chapters been involved in creating the new identity?

  • An EO project team was responsible for leading the process.
  • The team includes EO Board member Winnie Hart, Global Communications Committee Chair Christine Lobas, and EO staff Ben Peachey and Dorothy Lin.
  • The new EO brand was developed with input from the EO Board and Tier 1 leaders (regional council and committee chairs).
  • The team also sought input from around 2,000 EO members through an open invitation to participate in an online survey and focus groups.
  • Around 200 members participated in the focus group sessions and our branding consultant reviewed survey feedback and existing collateral from the organization.

How will EO staff and chapters be involved in the brand roll-out?

  • Top tier leadership, chapter leaders, chapter staff, the one trainer community (Forum trainers, Accelerator trainers and Strategy Summit facilitators) and staff are acting as transformation ambassadors.
  • This means engaging the EO community to buy into and support our new direction and brand; introducing current/new members to EO products and services using the new narrative and tone of voice; and telling the brand narrative in a compelling way and bringing it to life using personal stories as proof points.

What support tools or collateral will chapters receive as part of the brand rollout?

You will find all the information, tools and resources you need to launch and implement the brand in your chapter on the EO brand portal. These include:

  • The EO transformation story
  • Brand guidelines
  • Logo files, brand templates and customizable assets.

What resources or financial support will chapters receive in order to roll out the new branding?

  • Each EO chapter will receive US$1,500 to support rebranding
  • This may be used on any activity related to the rebrand, including design work, swag or an event.

What is the window period for all chapters to phase out the “old” EO branding and adopt the new logo?

  • We are asking chapters to migrate to the new brand identity within the next six months. However, chapters are free to carry out the migration at their own pace.
  • We encourage chapters to phase in the new branding in line with existing plans and priorities and avoiding additional cost where possible.

What do we do with existing legacy materials?

  • All EO communication material and swag produced from 28 July onwards should reflect the new branding.
  • We would like the transition to take place as smoothly and with as little additional cost as possible. You can continue to use existing legacy materials where it makes sense to do so.
  • We are calling on chapters to migrate to the new branding as quickly as they can, within their existing plans and budgets.

Brand awareness strategy

What is our new brand awareness strategy? Is there an external / media / PR / social media strategy in place to help raise brand awareness?

  • The Global Communications Committee (GCC) is developing a brand awareness strategy as one of its top priorities this year. To find out more, contact us at using the form below.

What does the new branding mean for EO?

How is the new branding going to benefit chapters, members and EO as a whole?

  • EO’s new branding is fresh, vibrant, more inclusive and more reflective of our changing world.
  • It reflects the reason we exist: to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.
  • Our new brand identity and story will position EO as an aspirational brand for all entrepreneurs.
  • It will help us to attract and retain members who live the values of the organization and contribute to the network of entrepreneurs.


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