Transformation narrative

(How we can talk about our evolving brand and strategy)

The launch of EO 4.0 is an important milestone. We are creating the future for EO. As we implement the 4.0 strategic plan and build our new EO brand, we need to tell our story consistently, speaking with one voice. This outline will help to guide the conversations we hope you will have, both with members and with people outside of EO.

What is the future that that we are creating for EO? What changes do we need to make to get there? Since our beginnings in 1987, EO has grown to over 14,000 members, with 198 chapters in 61 countries. In January 2019, the EO Board set us off on a path to transform our organization. The team reviewed and redefined EO’s vision, mission, values and visual identity to support our new strategic plan. EO 4.0 is the result of this work, which was completed in February 2020. It is the roadmap for the EO we are creating for the future.

Our purpose and ambition

We are guided by an authentic, inspiring purpose and ambition. Our members make us who we are. Our members are at the heart of all we do. EO’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential. Our ambition is to enable transformational growth in our members’ lives. What does this mean?

As entrepreneurs, we can only go so far alone. EO brings us together with like-minded leaders. We are connected and we are better for knowing one another. Our members thrive and grow because of the connections they make and the relationships they develop. EO creates a space where members can have real conversations and learn from one another by sharing their experiences, successes and failures. As individuals, as members, we are invested in one another’s growth and success. EO provides the infrastructure and support for our members to grow together.

Our ambition relates to our goal of enabling members to 10X the achievement of their goals in life and business. Members measure their own transformation in different ways. For some, it may be delivering a measurable shift in business performance, while for others it may be a personal transformation. The important thing is that the impact is real and makes a big difference.

Our Core Values

We are working to evolve our values to better articulate the beliefs and the mindsets we share as EO. Our core values will underpin the organization we are creating for the future. We have heard from our members, staff, and chapter staff that while certain values remain as true to EO as ever, some minor refinements to the language would improve them as a set. We have updated EO’s values based on this feedback and started a consultation process across our organization.

So far, we have had feedback from a cross-section of EO through surveys and focus groups. As our values are shared and lived by every EOer, we will consult more broadly before we relaunch our values. We will be telling you more and asking for your views soon.

EO 4.0 Strategic Plan

We have two strategic priorities. The first is delivering member value. We are shifting our focus from growing EO’s membership to delivering greater value for our members. This is about better understanding our members’ changing needs and innovating to provide the opportunities, products and services that will help them to 10X their goals.

Our second strategic priority is striving for organizational excellence. EO has annual revenues of over US$45 million per year. We have over 500 member volunteers helping to lead the organization in partnership with 130 staff and over 190 chapters, each with their own revenue, staff and leadership structure. We must continually enhance our operating model to drive more resources to creating member value. We must also look outside of EO to ensure we stay relevant and in touch with the wants and needs of emerging entrepreneurs.

Under these priorities, we have the four strategic goals and we have developed specific actions to achieve each of these.

EO 4.0 is a five-year strategic plan. For year one, we are focusing on the following actions to support each of our strategic goals.

EO 4.0 Strategic Plan

Download the strategic plan as a PDF or slide for inserting into presentations.

Our new EO brand identity

Why have we created a new brand and visual identity? Since our current EO brand was launched in 2005, we have been growing and evolving as an organization. Membership has more than doubled, we are present in over 20 more countries and our portfolio of products and services has grown extensively. EO has outgrown its current brand, which positioned it as a sleek and powerful vehicle with the horsepower to accelerate its members past the competition. The tagline initially was “Fueling the Entrepreneurial Engine,” which was accompanied by a logo comprised of an orange tick mark and three dots, representing a speedometer.

In January 2019, the EO Board decided to undertake a rebranding exercise as part of the broader work to transform the organization. The rebrand has been an opportunity to create a logo and a visual identity that better reflects who we are as an organization and what we are about. We worked with a branding agency to develop a logo and visual language that is distinct and distinguishes EO from other similar organizations.

We are excited to launch our new brand. It is fresh, vibrant, and a better reflection of our organization. Our new EO brand is much more than a logo and a visual identity. It is about our members and their EO journey together. It is about interconnection, inclusion, transformation and growth. The logo mark is a dynamic circle – bright rounded shapes that stack up together to form a striking whole. It expresses our community, our values and our mindsets. The rings radiate outward from our members as individuals to the impact we have on the world around us. Our new brand is a symbol that embraces our heritage and the EO we are creating for the future. We are a unified global network of over 14,000 members, with 198 chapters in 61 countries. This is the strength of our brand.

Launching a new logo and brand identity is only the beginning. We are focusing on building our brand, not only to raise recognition and awareness, but also to communicate more clearly about who we are and the value that EO offers its members.