We are here to help each of our members achieve transformational growth in their lives. Whether that’s a 10x growth in your business, or a far more personal transformation—the possibilities are infinite.

We help achieve this through life-enhancing connections, as part of a network of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping each other succeed. That means real conversations, personal and professional support, and learning together so that each member can accelerate their growth and reach above and beyond their personal limits.

Our values speak to who we are as an organization. They help define our tone of voice and how we speak to our audience. Our values also shape our decision making, inspire our teamwork and guide our messaging. They provide us with clear direction and reinforce our greatest strength: our ability to celebrate different opinions, points of view and beliefs. We are an organization that constantly evolves to enable members’ growth and ensure their experiences with us are welcoming and inclusive.

By keeping our values in mind as we continue to grow and evolve, we ensure that we always stay true to our brand.

Together we grow

We are committed to each other’s success and well-being—and we unite to celebrate those differences. We may be from different cultures, religions and have different lived experiences, but EO binds us together across cities and continents.

Trust and respect

Each of us is unique and equal. This fundamental to EO. Living this value with an open mind and appreciation for different points of view enables us to create a space where everyone can be their complete, authentic selves.

Thirst for learning

We have an insatiable curiosity. It is through curiosity that we grow and widen our horizons. Learning is about more than a class or a workshop—it is about asking the right questions, trying new things and having curiosity about other members, their life experiences and their perspectives.

Think big, be bold

We innovate and take risks to make the world a better place for our teams, our families, our communities, and for humankind. We think big, we are bold. We want to make a difference beyond ourselves. We see entrepreneurship as a way to create a better world for all, and we explore new opportunities to make a positive impact with our work.

Living our values

How are we sharing our values across the organization?

  • Everyone in the organization has a duty to ensure our values are respected and exemplified every day – it is crucial we all embody them with our actions, at every level.
  • We are building a framework to make sure the values our members hold at a personal level are supported at an organizational level.
  • We are developing mechanisms to share best practices across regions and standardizing our practices, including recruitment and leadership selection criteria. Following this, we will begin to put in place a structure to track and evaluate our progress so that we can always keep on top of our needs and responsibilities.

How can I help to ensure I, and others, live by our values?

  • Encourage others to share their views.
  • Support others.
  • Do what entrepreneurs do best and be confident in thinking outside the box.
  • Try something new – and encourage others to do the same.
  • Always make sure everyone feels included when in a group setting, whether at work, in your team, or your family.
  • Think of how your life or career have been enhanced by exposure to diverse people, places and experiences.

Where can I find tools and assets to share our values across the organization?

Our values are more than words on paper, it’s who we are and in everything we do. The assets and tools provided in this toolkit will help you share EO values with your peers.