We are here to help each of our members achieve transformational growth in their lives. Whether that’s a 10x growth in your business, or a far more personal transformation—the possibilities are infinite.

We help you achieve this through life-enhancing connections, as part of a network of like-minded leaders, dedicated to helping each other succeed. That means real conversations, personal and professional support, and ultimately learning together. So that each member can accelerate their growth and reach above and beyond their personal limits. Because together we grow.

Our purpose, ambition, strategic plan, brand positioning and visual identity all reflect where we are today and will help us build a better tomorrow together. We evolved our values, keeping what remains true to us and letting go of what no longer fitted.

Our values speak to who we are as an organization. They help define our tone of voice and how we speak to our audience. Our values also help us with decision-making. By keeping our values in mind as we continue to grow and evolve, we ensure that we always stay true to our brand.

Together we grow

We are committed to each other’s growth and well-being. We build deep human connections across rooms, cities, countries and continents. Our community is inclusive and we value diversity. We are from different cultures, religions and backgrounds, but EO binds us together.

Trust and respect

Each of us is unique and equal. We listen with an open mind and appreciation for different points of view. This value is fundamental to EO. Through trust and respect we create a safe space where you can always be your complete, authentic self.

Thirst for learning

We have an insatiable curiosity. Learning is a big part of why entrepreneurs choose EO. We actively pursue learning so we can continue to grow. We always pursue new ideas and perspectives, at every opportunity, because we always have a burning need to grow.

Think big, be bold

We innovate, take risks and see opportunity in a challenge. We want to make the world a better place – for our teams, our families our communities, and for humankind. We think big, we are bold. We want to make a difference beyond ourselves – for the people in our lives, for a better future for everyone.

Living our values

Our values are more than words on paper, it’s who we are and in everything we do. The assets and tools provided below will help you share EO values with your peers.