Our photographic approach

Our photography is simple and personal. When there are people in our photos, they look like people you know. When it is a landscape or cityscape, it looks like a real place you want to visit.

Always choose photography that has a point of view. Be conscious of composition. Think about whether the picture evokes any emotion. We want to be fun, lively, transformative, multi- cultured and inspirational.

When we are appealing to an external audience, think business first. Avoid using too many “members having fun” images. Instead, use photos that are still casual in nature, but show people performing business-like tasks, like brainstorming with others, presenting to a group, talking in business-casual attire, etc.

Choosing good imagery

Before choosing a photo, ask yourself:

“What does the picture say that will make people choose EO, the particular event or travel destination?”

When looking for destination photos, choose photos that have perspectives which are bold and speak directly to the viewer, so that they can imagine themselves there.

  • Photography must be 300 dpi at the size expected to print to maintain the integrity of the photos.
  • Do not use stock images that sizes are clearly recognizable as stock images.
  • Make sure it is easy to recognize what is happening in the photo.
  • Give photo credits to external (non- EO) photographers when applicable.

The examples below, resemble authentic snapshots. They look like our members, and most are our members, in real situations. It is easy to emotionally connect with these images.

Bad imagery example

These photos are generic-looking and look professionally staged and photographed.

They are hard to connect with emotionally, don’t match EO’s brand personalities and do not have good composition.

Please avoid images that are/have:

  • Apparent staged images
  • Lacking diversity sizes
  • Drastically stylised
  • Clear graphic treatments in it
  • People overly posed
  • Strong and distracting undertones
  • Motion or any movement
  • Not real scenarios
  • Moody