Welcome to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization brand portal. Here you’ll find all the guidance, materials and brand assets you need to embody EO’s brand!

We are EO. A community of entrepreneurs—leaders, founders, builders and changemakers—who are dedicated to moving the world forward by helping each other unlock their full potential. To accomplish this purpose, we are building a strong brand for the future through emphasized, consistent use of the core EO brand across all touchpoints. The guidelines provided in this microsite are designed to uphold the integrity of our logo and brand.

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2024 EO Editorial Style Guide + EO Glossary and Acronyms

Welcome to the updated Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Editorial Style Guide with Glossary and Acronyms. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource to help maintain consistency and clarity in written communication across all EO channels.

In this guide/ documents, you will find:

  • Essential Writing Principles
  • House Style Conventions
  • Guidelines For Capitalization and Titles Specific to EO
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Most Used Acronyms

We encourage all team members, freelance or agency contributors, members and chapter staff as appropriate, to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and incorporate them into their writing practices for consistency.

Together we grow!

Click here to download 2024 EO Glossary and Acronymns

Click here to download 2024 EO Editorial Style Guide