Our brand in motion

Our motion identity embodies the way EOers from all over the world make connections through the shared experience of entrepreneurship. Whether in video, presentations, websites or apps, we strive to maintain EO’s signature look for a consistent brand experience across all brand touchpoints. Core motions spotlight the elegant curves that are weaved through the brand and produce small “moments of delight” at the intersection of image, graphics and sound.

Core motions

These basic motion elements are the building blocks of our motion system. They are applied in different combinations to create seamless movements and transitions in our video content.

  • Our motion identity in action

    The basic movements shown above can be combined in many ways to create animations, transitions and movements to communicate your message. In the below sections, the core motions have been applied and standards showing best practices.

    When using our motion identity, keep this guideline in mind: don’t underestimate the power of a well-executed, simple idea. Whether a video or design or email, visual elements should always complement one another and work together to convey the central message you are trying to communicate.


    When cutting between images, footage or objects, motion propels the story forward.

  • Typography

    Give motion brings words to life, energy and emotion to the narrative.

  • In-video graphics

    Brings clarity to video graphics

  • Title cards, end cards and sections

    These graphics guide the audience with additional information and context as they navigate content.

  • Our motion identity in practice